Breaking News! MLM is Changing the Way They Do Business

Breaking News

All companies doing business on the internet announced today that they will all adapt the 5 pillars compensation plan and will stop scamming people. They have decided that the distributor should actually make money even if they are part time people. Now with a down line of 400 people You can earn a monthly income of $10,000.00. No cold calls, no buying leads, etc.. No more comp. plans where only the Heavy Hitters make any money, now part timers will be able to actually get paid. And all training you need to Succeed is free. Political

WOW! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

This would be great, too bad it isn’t true, but at least I got your attention. Folks, as long as there are people to scam, there will be scammers trying to take advantage of good people. So with that being said we at Mentoring for Free will be out here educating anyone who is teachable the skills to avoid the scams, bad companies, bad comp. plans, and teaching skills on how to make your business work without costing you your arms,legs, and life savings to do it.

Mentoring for Free is just as it implies, Free. It is generic, no companies are mentioned, just people helping people. Everyone in Mentoring for Free has been there, struggling, frustrated, and empty pockets from trying all sorts of bad comp. plans and scams. Everyone is dedicated to help you learn what is necessary for your Success in this industry.


Why do we take time out of our day and business to do this? There are many reason. One, as I said before, we have all been there, all found the help we needed to get where we are today, and want to share that same help with others. But what about the number two reason. Well for me anyway, as I help people, sometimes, not always, but sometimes people don’t have a company, or they are just getting started and need one. Or someone might just like me and ask to join my team. (After all it is a People relationship business) Folks I will tell you now, that

I don’t Recruit, Recruit. It is the wrong way to go. If this is what you are being told to do Stop!

Think About it! Do you like being sold? Neither do others!

I work at building relationships with people, this way I know the people that I get into business with. I never ask someone to join my team, I don’t have too, they ask me, and then sometimes I let them have a look at what I do. Wow! Not your typical way to do business is it. But it works!

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